Saturday, December 6, 2008

BFA Year 1 and 2- Project Drawing and Painting 2007-09

The following work is for Project Drawing a core subject and Painting Studio practice elective paper.
The Project Drawing paper deals with addressing contemporary issues around drawing as a main tool for studio based art practices. Students are encouraged to use material and medium appropriate to their chosen concept. In each semesters students are given a concept like LINE or BODY or SQUARE METRE or SOUND projects to interpret it in their own way. A few tasks and a final projects are expected at the end of each paper of 15 Credits/One Semester.

Body Project, Neck Piece/Jewellery in metal.

Body Project: Mind and Matter, Structure with thread.
80X60X20 Cms

Body Project: Environmental Issues and Global Warming.
Ice and Wax Cube, 20X10X10 Cms

Line Project: Folded A3 size paper.

Line Project: Map with colour thread on A3 size paper.

Body Project: Soft Syrenge Sculpture in Textile. 150Cm X 30cm X30cms.

Line Project: Koru with Flax, 30cms Height.

Line Project: Synthetic Textile heated. 30X20Cms

Line Project: Performance based

Line Project: Paper Print of an engraved Map in press machine, 30X20 Cms.

Line Project: Engraving print on paper, 30X20cms

Line Project: Crumpled Paper with crayon drawing.

Line Project: Ink on Paper, Sketch book display.
Line Project: Paper Structure, 30X20 Cms.

Painting Elective: Symbol, Acrylic on paper, 20X30 cms.

Painting Elective: Symbol, Acrylic on Canvas, 80X80 cms.

Painting Elective: Symbol, Acrylic on Canvas, 20X10Cms.

Painting Elective: Symbol, Acrylic on canvas, 25X25cms each.

Painting Elective: Symbol, Pen and ink on Acrylic sheet. 50X30cms

Friday, December 5, 2008

BFA Year 3 and 4 -Painting/Drawing/Installation 2007-09

The following work is by students who have developed their work in Project drawing to present it in their discipline specific areas for the final year submissions. Currently there are 8 disciplines which are encouraged to cross connect where applicable to generate a contemporary dialogue while addressing various issues around material and medium. These works are produced under my giudance. Students produce this work in consultation with the lecturer processing and exprimenting for over two years time.

Illusion and Perceptions: Plexiglass and coloured stickers, 120X120X120 Cms

Dreams: Acrylic on Canvas, 300X200

Memories: Acrylic on Canvas, 100X100cms

Self: Acrylic on Canvas, 100X80 Cms

Relationships: Acrylic on Canvas, 300X200cms

Structures: Cardboard and Acrylic, Random Shape with Cubes.

Environmental Issues: Sugar Casted Cars on Plexiglass, 3 meters long

Symbol: Cloth Dairy with printed text, 20X15 cms

Consumerism: Live Art, Gift Box.

Psychoanylasis: Straight Jacket in textile

Illusions and Perceptions: Ink on Board/Wall, 300X200Cms

Bio-technology and Human Condition: Painting Installation, Acrylic on Board.

Appropriation: Oil on Canvas, 150X100 Cms

Power: Acrylic on Board, 100X80 Cms

Marks: Pen, Ink, Acrylic, Water Colours on Paper, 5X3 Mtrs Room

Fantasy: Acrylic on paper, 100X80Cms

Mark-Making: Tea, Charcoal, Acrylic, Pastels on Paper, 80X80 Cms

Land: Acrylic on Boards, 100X60Cms

Politics of Environment: Synthetic and natural material with Painting, 80X40X40Cms

Marking Environment: Acrylic on Canvas, 360X160Cms

Architectonic: Oil on Canvas, 70X100Cms

Space: Acrylic on Board, 50X50 Cms