Saturday, December 6, 2008

BFA Year 1 and 2- Project Drawing and Painting 2007-09

The following work is for Project Drawing a core subject and Painting Studio practice elective paper.
The Project Drawing paper deals with addressing contemporary issues around drawing as a main tool for studio based art practices. Students are encouraged to use material and medium appropriate to their chosen concept. In each semesters students are given a concept like LINE or BODY or SQUARE METRE or SOUND projects to interpret it in their own way. A few tasks and a final projects are expected at the end of each paper of 15 Credits/One Semester.

Body Project, Neck Piece/Jewellery in metal.

Body Project: Mind and Matter, Structure with thread.
80X60X20 Cms

Body Project: Environmental Issues and Global Warming.
Ice and Wax Cube, 20X10X10 Cms

Line Project: Folded A3 size paper.

Line Project: Map with colour thread on A3 size paper.

Body Project: Soft Syrenge Sculpture in Textile. 150Cm X 30cm X30cms.

Line Project: Koru with Flax, 30cms Height.

Line Project: Synthetic Textile heated. 30X20Cms

Line Project: Performance based

Line Project: Paper Print of an engraved Map in press machine, 30X20 Cms.

Line Project: Engraving print on paper, 30X20cms

Line Project: Crumpled Paper with crayon drawing.

Line Project: Ink on Paper, Sketch book display.
Line Project: Paper Structure, 30X20 Cms.

Painting Elective: Symbol, Acrylic on paper, 20X30 cms.

Painting Elective: Symbol, Acrylic on Canvas, 80X80 cms.

Painting Elective: Symbol, Acrylic on Canvas, 20X10Cms.

Painting Elective: Symbol, Acrylic on canvas, 25X25cms each.

Painting Elective: Symbol, Pen and ink on Acrylic sheet. 50X30cms

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